Technical specifications:

Bag type                                                               : 5 Lt. Aseptic Bag H.B

Code                                                                      : BIB103

Outer Size (mm)                                                  : 330 * 400

Bag construction Material                                 : Outer cover   Pet   + AUL Foil 7  + PE    Inner layer       2 * Pe

 Permeability at 23˚C et 75% HR

 ( Cc/m2/24/atm under 100% 02 )                     : ≤ 0.02

Seal strength (N/15mm)                                      : > 50

Storage : Empty bags have to be stored at room temperature , in a clean , dry and dust free aria , packed in their original cartons and closed. Keep away bags from poisonous articles, heat sources, smelling products and direct sun. The optimal conditions of storage are comprised between 15-25˚C and 40-60% of relative humidity. Unfilled empty bags can be stored during a short period at +4˚C mini and +40˚C maxi, but have to be stored in ambient conditions 24 to 48 h before use.

Using period: It is the expectation that bags will be suitable for use 24 month s from the date of delivery.

Filling: bags are suitable for filled at temperature between 4˚C and 60˚.

Transport: product must be shipped at temperature above 4˚C.