Bastesazane Azar  packaging  company haz been exploited in early 1395 after 3 year research about aseptic and non..aseptic bags ,and commenced its  activity in producing different types of bags from size  1 to 220 litter. And is currently producing different types of bags according to universal standards .  Bsatesazane Azar packaging company is the first producer of  aseptic and non aseptic bags over 7000 ton in year which is able to produce different kinds of bags in different sizes every year for the factories  which produce  kinds of juices , concentrated  fruit  juice, tomato paste(sauce),different kinds of vinegar,dairy products and also other milk products, mineral water, lime juice, different kinds of pharmaceutical firstmaterialg

Different types of food oil , aquapura and distilled water .

Aseptic bags are used in:

1-Industrial , kind of  oils ,color and  ather kinds of liquid and powder

2- pharmaceutical: different agricultural  toxic and other kinds of liquid, powder ,etc.

Now all over the word BIB bags – in –  box  in and out of box is used from 1 to2 20 litters in a variety  of amount and its options  using these bags is economical .beautiful and environmental .

Advantages of using BIB bags :

1- Long durability without using any  preservative , just using developed

Technolog y in producing these Aseptice bags.

2- using tap to facilitate consumption of needed amount and prevent its spoling in short time.

3-Introducing its logo in stores and shelves by beautiful print on the boxes.

4- Convenient transportation and fast opening.

5- Easily be cooled.

6- Anti  seal  technology of tap

7- %80 pollution agouirst bottles and other packagings.

This company is doing  its best to present a product of high quality and reasonable price and has met country s needs not to import these bags and has taken another  measure  to country,s  self- sufficiency in industry .