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  1. BIB For Oil
  2. BIB For Juice/Milk
  3. BIB For Water
  4. BIB For Dairy
  1. Kind Of Oilsc
  2. Color And Other Kinds Of liquid and powder
  3. .Pharmaceutical: different agricultural  toxic and other kinds of liquid, powder ,etc
  1. Long durability without using any preservative , just using developed Technolog y in producing these aseptice bags.
  2. Using tap to facilitate consumption of needed amount and prevent it from being spoiled.
  3. Introducing its logo in stores and shelves by beautiful print on the boxes.
  4. Convenient transportation and fast opening.
  5. Easily be cooled.
  6. Anti drip technology of tap
  7. %80 pollution against bottles and other packagings.

Exhibitions News:

   Specialized Exhibition in food and food industries 2016-Aug 26-29 in Mash’had

International Tea, Coffee & Related industries exhibition 2016-Sep 13-16 in Tehran